nothing here was built to last
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“So an Angel, a Demon, and a Human walk into a bar”
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were only on season 1

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Based in Misha’s words and this post ✿◡‿◡)

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coming this fall

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"I sat in this hall for thousands of years thinking of nothing but redemption. Of reclaiming my good name. I thought of nobody, no cause other than my own."-Gadreel

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8x23 || 9x23

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Is it just me, or the way Dean died is so similar to All Hell Breaks Loose. Same gestures, same falling-on-the-shoulder thing… They’ve just changed places. This is heartbreaking.

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im laughing at the fact that they’ve both died so much they have a top 10

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s9recap: objects

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There’s only one person who can punish her

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