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9x22 // 9x23

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“Sam, Dean, and Cas are lost and parentless, with no idea how to express intimacy, because intimacy in SPN is feminine, and all the women they know are dead. SPN’s final Big Bad has always been the threat that real male intimacy poses to its proto-masculine image of itself. It’s a fight of continual repression and internalized shame, waged in sideswipes, gay jokes, and incessant shaming of effeminacy, nerdiness, and anything that might resemble nuanced expressions of male gender. Narratively, out of nine seasons, SPN has only had five canonically gay characters with a 50% survival rate. And “dorky guys” including Castiel are consistently made fodder for Dean’s and the show’s amusement, not admiration or attraction.

But the more SPN mocks and represses, the more it has to contend with its own fandom—female, queer, genderqueer, nerdy, and unashamed. The fandom’s culling of queer and genderqueer readings from SPN deliberately repudiates its textual scouring of their own identities and emotional landscapes. SPN’s fandom is diametrically opposed to the straightlaced mainstream audience SPN wishes it had. So SPN’s creative team routinely breaks the fourth wall in the most passive-aggressive way: to remind fans that they see you and they disapprove.”

Supernatural’s Fall from Grace (via bookshop)

I hate to say it, but this article (and this quote in particular) hits the nail on the head.

I wasn’t at the con this weekend, but from a lot of what I saw on my dash, that second part is pretty much confirmed for me. The show (as in, for the most part, everyone involved in making it) wishes it had a predominantly male audience. Instead, it has a female one, and one interested in female/POC representation and queer readings, and as a result, the show tries to do everything it can to resist that. The show basically wants to be the angsty straight white boy club, and then it acts all surprised when fans aren’t interested.

It’s not even that I’m really invested in shipping any more, but don’t tell fans they’re wrong for seeing homoerotic subtext and then proceed to play grab-ass with your co-stars on stage. I get it: the actors don’t want you to interpret their performances as queer, but it’s okay if they turn queerness into a punchline. Right.

Between the actors and the people making the decisions, I just can’t decide who’s more out of touch with the fanbase. “Bloodlines” was a disaster, and it only showed how little the writers were listening to us. (As I saw a million better spinoff ideas here on Tumblr.) Hell, there are guest actors and former actors on the show who seem to get it more than the two leads do. Add to that that the show continually kills its female characters for seemingly no reason… I’m not really sure how they expect their predominantly female fanbase to react. (And hey, much of the male fanbase, at least here on Tumblr, is pretty feminist, so I’m sure we have plenty of allies to back us up here.)

This is all wordvomit from me, so sorry for cluttering this post up. I love this show, but sometimes I’m really not sure why I continue to watch it. And as excited as I am for demon Dean, I feel like the show has dropped so many plots, failed to tie up loose ends, and will probably have some kind of shitty, disappointing solution for the storyline that just furthers the man-angst (mangst?) at the expense of what fans would actually want to see.

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“So an Angel, a Demon, and a Human walk into a bar”
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were only on season 1

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Based in Misha’s words and this post ✿◡‿◡)

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coming this fall

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"I sat in this hall for thousands of years thinking of nothing but redemption. Of reclaiming my good name. I thought of nobody, no cause other than my own."-Gadreel

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8x23 || 9x23

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Is it just me, or the way Dean died is so similar to All Hell Breaks Loose. Same gestures, same falling-on-the-shoulder thing… They’ve just changed places. This is heartbreaking.

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im laughing at the fact that they’ve both died so much they have a top 10

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