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So, my sister is having surgery today, and as I’m pacing through the hallway, I find this.

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Guys, Dean doesn’t really love pie. He doesn’t care about pie. Even though Dean has made all those statements about pie and how much he likes it, how much he craves for it, the truth is: Dean hates pie. Dean only puts up with pie because sometimes it is useful, but he doesn’t really care about it. Not really. And I’m not even going to start talking about that car of his. Dean just despises that thing. He wishes he could buy a cool SUV and send the Impala to some junkyard where it would get all rusty and waste away. 

Does all that sound completely insane to you? Great. Now you know how you sound to me when you say Dean doesn’t care about Cas.


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Donut store explains social media

Tumblr - here’s a picture of a donut, reblogged with a gif that somehow pertains to supernatural

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spn + human error

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Supernatural cast + working together in other roles

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LoOK hOw hAAAPpy eVerYONE iS

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Supernatural + titles that reference music

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Sammy, give me five more minutes

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4x10 | 9x22

         ↳ Castiel’s Weakness

Inspired by the ever awesome captainlafitte :)

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Season 9 - "Ultimately, it was about saving one human, right? 
Well guess what. He's dead, too."

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or maybe you already did?

remember when Gadreel saved Castiel’s life (and Cas still doesn’t know about it)
remember when by healing Gadreel, Cas unknowingly returned the favour (◡‿◡✿)

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this is a very serious post about the fight in 9x21

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