nothing here was built to last
May 05th 2012 352 notes

I’m ready to suffer and I’m ready to hope,
It’s a shot in the dark aimed right at my throat

April 30th 2012 25 notes

When a fart joke makes you cry

April 30th 2012 2 notes

somebody hold me I am fucking dying here. what happened to him please Edlund let him be okay. he doesn’t deserve all this shit he healed Sam please oh fuck everything I’m out

April 28th 2012 2 notes

21 seconds of promo and I’m losing my shit

April 09th 2012 1 note

It’s not that Dean gives the trenchcoat back, it’s that Cas puts it on.

April 08th 2012 9 notes

Everytime I listen to music, the song is either about my life or Destiel.

April 06th 2012

I’ve just watched the first episode of season 7 with my sis

She hasn’t seen it yet, and we’re just joking about how awesome Levi!Cas is, and she’s fangirling about Misha’s amazing acting skills and she’s like “yay yayy yay I love this”

…just wait sis. Just wait.

April 04th 2012 3 notes

oh my god what the everloving fuckery is this

March 30th 2012 3 notes

Sorry to bug you Destiel shippers but poll? »

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March 27th 2012 40 notes

Untitled: Attention all Castiel fans »


So, Misha said in an interview that Cas’ suffering is only begging(which made a bunch of us fanwank he was going to take Sam’s suffering into himself, which was what happened), so do you guys think we’ll get an episode of Lucifer torturing Cas like we got of Sam?

That could be great a moment to…

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March 25th 2012 1,870 notes

But at what price, Cas? You don’t deserve this Hell in your head. Please be okay.


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March 25th 2012 12 notes

I can see that once I was blind
I feel so alone on a Friday night
Can you make it feel like home,
If I tell you you’re mine? ♫♪♫

*forever sobbing* 

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