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I really hope that blue light in Cas’ eyes was his grace shining through

because if it wasn’t

then something’s wrong with him


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Phaedra’s List of All-Time Favorite Destiel Fics ~ PART FIVE

[Part One] [Part Two] [Part Three] [Part Four]

word count: 47,100
rating: Explicit
summary: Alone and wandering, Castiel struggles to survive on his own with little memory of who he is or how he got to be that way, until he is followed by a man who knows his name, and seems to know much more than that.
notes: I loved this so so much. It was bittersweet with some angst and h/c elements, which I know aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it was well-written and interesting, so I definitely recommend it.

author: lady_deathangel
word count: 110,500
rating: R
summary: The fate of the world has been decided and two human vessels are the key to the final battle that will trigger the apocalypse. Not content to leave anything up to destiny, Heaven takes matters into its own hands. But a simple assassination is complicated by the interference of one of their own, leaving the future in limbo and the angel Castiel to pay the ultimate price for his actions.

But what should be the end is only the beginning. The angel’s fall from grace crash lands him in the body of a young Jimmy Novak as his soul departs. The process leaves Castiel with no memories of his celestial past; he knows himself only as Jimmy Novak, a sickly child whose overnight recovery is nothing short of miraculous. But as Jimmy’s life starts anew, Dean Winchester’s has all but ended.

It’s under these circumstances that these two boys come together and forge a friendship that slowly develops into something more. But their path was never meant to be easy and fate eventually intercedes, thrusting them both into the roles they were always meant to play: the angel and the hunter. The Righteous Man and his Protector. 
notes: This is what I wrote right after finishing it: ‘no words none just infinite creys oh my god how do you words seriously unpublished stories on the internet shouldn’t be allowed to be so much better than professional authors’ books this has ruined me how do I go on now my whole brain is crying’
I have nothing to add. 

author: discover & trunkcoats
word count: 97,000
rating: NC-17
What begins as a transforming love between Dean Winchester and Castiel Novak in the summer of 1965 quickly derails into something far more tumultuous when Dean is drafted in the Vietnam War. Though the two both voice their relationship is one where saying goodbye is never a real truth, their story becomes fraught with the tragedy of circumstance. In an era where homosexuality was especially vulnerable, Twist and Shout is the story of the love transcending time, returning over and over in its many forms, as faithful as the sea.
notes: So, um. You guys probably know this fic, but let me say something. I don’t think this is flawless and perfect, because it’s really not. It’s full of typos, the beginning feels rushed and Dean is way too OOC for my liking, especially in the first few chapters. Still, this fic is here, because it got better towards the end and made me cry like hell and I kind of loved it.

author: blackdoggy1
word count: 135 pages
rating: R(?) 
summary: Human!AU. Dean and Castiel were childhood sweethearts until Dean fled their small town and left Castiel behind. Now ten years later Dean has come back to set things right.
notes: Much like Twist and Shout, this isn’t perfect, nevertheless, I fucking love it. Sadly, the author deleted this from their FF, because they wanted a fresh start or something, but I found a .pdf so it’s all good. Castiel’s Star is sort of angsty and beautiful, but the ending won’t crush your soul like T&S, I promise. Oh, and there’s a sequel! :)

author: blackdoggy1
word count: 84 pages
rating: R(?) 
summary: "It’s gonna be a bad one," Castiel sighed softly to the darkness as he gazed out the window at the stars.
notes: The sequel mentioned above. Just as good as Castiel’s Star. ASJJHSDJHSDJHSD I love these two fics so much.

to be continued… probably

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Do you guys have a link where I could watch yesterday’s episode of Supernatural online? I can’t download it until I get home, which is tomorrow, but I also can’t wait anymore.

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Episodes 7 and 8 will reveal much much more on that front as well as enlighten the audience about Cas’ arc for the season that involves a big threat, says Collins. “There’s something going on with Cas that neither Cas nor the brothers know. Cas is sort of being manipulated behind the scenes and he’s not aware of that and neither are the boys,” he says. “We’ll see how that affects their relationship in the long run.””

“There’s something going on with Cas that neither Cas nor the brothers know. Cas is sort of being manipulated behind the scenes”


Dear writers, either stop taking ideas from RR or just make the whole thing canon. 


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apiroscsizmak: Dean was never the one to say "dead"! Dean was really evasive about the whole thing, never being really specific about what happened. "He didn't make it." That can mean a lot of things, including that Cas did not make it out of Purgatory. "He just let go" sounds a lot more like emotionally giving up, rather than actually dying. Still sad, but not dead. I really, really can't wait to find out what actually went down in Purgatory. 

I know he didn’t exactly spell it out.

But Sam asks, "so Cas is dead, you saw him die?" and Dean nods slowly. That could mean that he’s dead. It could also mean a few other things, for example what you said. (And horrible things like he’s worse than mental!Cas and 2014!Cas combined)

The thing that’s giving me hope though, is that if Cas were to die this season, I really don’t think they would give it away just yet, so I’m hopeful, but I’ve had my hopes and my heart and all my feels crushed by this damn show so many times I don’t even know if I should bother with hoping for nice things anymore.

That having been said, I want to be wrong about this, because I’m probably the last person in the Universe who would want Castiel dead and I’d really like it if the writers gave poor angel a break for once.

But we’ll just have to see, I guess.

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if Castiel is dead again I swear to Chuck I will walk into the desert and self-destruct

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7x01 - 7x23

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Gay love can pierce through the veil of tumblr and save the day.