nothing here was built to last
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mark ruffalo is so down to earth like i feel like he doesnt even know hes a celebrity hes just some guy and all these famous people are around him and he has no clue what is happening

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ARTIST: Hayden Calnin
TITLE: Coward

He’s so cold at night 
As cold as her last breath…

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i will not buy flowers for a girl because flowers are stupid and worthless and they die. get a girl a rock. rocks are strong. rocks don’t die after 2 days

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Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier Blu-Ray Featurette 3

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#talk to me like that in bed (tonystarksass)

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PHOTOGRAPHY: Color Studies - Pink by Carissa Gallo

Color Studies: Pink is a stunning photography series by Portland-based photographer Carissa Gallo, aiming to document her recent obsession with a multitude of muted colors.

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Planning a rover’s drive and activities takes a lot of thought! When Curiosity’s Navigation Cameras (Navcams) take black-and-white images and send them back to Earth each day (left), rover planners combine them with other rover data to create 3D terrain models (right). By adding a computerized 3D rover model to the terrain model, rover planners can understand better the rover’s position, as well as distances to, and scale of, features in the landscape. When rover planners identify possible rocks and other features of interest in the scene, they create labels with informal names (in green). These informal names let rover planners and science team members know they are referring to the same things in later discussions about the rover’s activities and findings. [source]

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i don’t even watch this show and this is the strangest and cutest relationship ever

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Natalie Dormer + tumblr text posts

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Clintasha 4/10 AUs | "Soulmates"
"Where everything is black and white until you meet your soulmate."
"Impossible... you can't be!"
"Sir, we got a problem."

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SPN Text Posts Round 2 (Round 1)

I can’t stop doing these

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literally everything is now a trigger or cultural appropriation and everything is offensive we might as well just not speak or interact or breathe

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