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orange is the new black | text posts

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She wears short skirts I wear t-shirts and we’re both getting sent home from school because its distracting to boys apparently

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ARTIST: Hayden Calnin
TITLE: Shutters

Hayden Calnin - Shutters

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I have a tiny cameo in Judd Apatow’s new movie that involves a large amount of dogs x

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“What most people don’t know, that they should, is that practically every food you buy in a store for consumption by humans is genetically modified food. There are no wild seedless watermelons, there’s no wild cows, there’s no long-stem roses growing in the wild …

We have systematically genetically modified all the foods, the vegetables and animals, that we have eaten ever since we cultivated them. It’s called artificial selection. That’s how we genetically modify them. So now that we can do it in a lab, all of a sudden, you’re going to complain?

So we are creating and modifying the biology of the world to serve our needs. I don’t have a problem with that because we’ve been doing that for tens of thousands of years. So, chill out.”

Neil deGrasse Tyson to anti-GMO advocates  (via micdotcom)

Truth. The only problem is when you get corporations deciding they own exclusive rights to food due to these modifications, instead of it being, y’know, a basic right for every living thing.

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Part 2 of ?

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so thats what that means

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“I don’t want someone,
who will expect me
to throw myself like a blanket
into the fire,
to protect them.
I want someone
who will love fire,
as much as I do,
because they’ll know
that like swords -
it’s what makes people strong.”
m.v., I don’t want a prince, I want a dragon.

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”It took me 10 years to be ready for this. I’ve got a pretty good foundation of friends and family that will always keep me grounded no matter what. But I don’t think I would have been ready for it 10 years ago. So I’m really happy with the way it worked out. You need to learn how to do this. You need to learn how to keep your cool, learn how to be a leader on set, learn how to act. F—-, I still know I’ve got a ton to learn. It’s all a learning experience. I’m going to school every day.” [x]

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Source for more facts follow NowYouKno

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this is never going to not be funny 

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eric bana as: clarke
funny people (2009)

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